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Someone special.

She is the apple of my eye

By Kamran Mehmood Published 2 years ago 1 min read

She is queen,

Of my dream,

It’s my luck,

Or my wish,

But I did pray,

All-day and night.

Her beautiful blue eyes,

As a star in the sky,

Her glowing face,

As full moon at night,

Her brown hair lock,

As branches of grapes.

Whenever I look at her,

I feel completed,

Whenever she was out of my sight,

I think missed and lost,

Whenever I meet her,

I kiss her and love her.

Although she is my wife,

But actually, she is my life,

It’s hard life without her,

It's hard to imagine without her,

She also loves me,

But I love her as much as a star.

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About the Creator

Kamran Mehmood

Freelance content writer,Ghost writer| Teacher

Reading and writing are my cognative enhancers.

writing of orginility

Trying to explore world with beautiful words.

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