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Solace and Delight

by Tessa Aine Rose 2 months ago in love poems / nature poetry / inspirational · updated 2 months ago
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The sun comforts me, from dusk to dawn, and dawn to dusk

Solace and Delight
Photo by Daoudi Aissa on Unsplash

I am a true child of the Sun,

In comfort and delight,

Enfolded by my mother's light.



I am a writer, sitting by the eastern window,

The sun pours her golden syrup into my cup,

Makes my black coffee bonbon and sweet.



I am a photographer, playing with the shadow,

Roaming with no hurtle,

Shadows tell me where the sun is.



I am a seed picker, hiking from the prairie to the meadow,

Let the rain fall on me,

When the sun ray strikes,

I will find my rainbow.


Every night,

I am a baby, sleeping on the lotus petal,

The sun waves her ray,

Into a blanket,

With the perfect warmth,

And her signature scent,

That she brings from the fabric,

That once was waved into God’s coat.


“I am always by your side."

She whispers at dusk,

In the darkest dark night,

I am safely asleep on the lotus flower of her heart.


“Wake up, my child,"

She whispers at dawn,

Rosy rays expand, for miles and miles to no end,

On the lake, on the land,

"When you open your eyes in your lotus petal bed,

You shall see the white pelicans,

lining up,

flying towards my first light.”


“Go ahead, lay your body on the sand,

I will bathe you with my light.”


“Go ahead, bask your sheets outside,

I will envelop you at night.”


I find solace and delight,

In my mother's light,

In this crazy world,

The sun comforts me,

From dusk to dawn,

And dawn to dusk.

love poemsnature poetryinspirational

About the author

Tessa Aine Rose

Writing is my sunshine, gives me solace and delight.

English is my second language, sometimes, I also write in Chinese and Japanese.

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