Societal Pressure

by Alexa Hirsch 2 years ago in sad poetry

"Curtain Call"

Societal Pressure

Strange, isn’t it?

That unsteady beating inside your chest,

the kind that puts you to the test…

To not buckle to your knees and collapse to the floor,

how is it that they keep wanting more…

You have tried your best of this it is certain,

but you’ve made a mistake and they pull the curtain…

You are so much more than what it says on paper,

but that’s how they judge you because its safer…

To them you’ll always be your degree,

when all you wanted was to be free…

sad poetry
Alexa Hirsch
Alexa Hirsch
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Alexa Hirsch

Everybody has a voice. Some are loud, almost deafening and others are so quiet you barely even notice that they're there. All voices should be heard - here's mine - I hope you take the time to hear it.

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