by Alexa Hirsch about a year ago in love poems

"En Route to Baltimore"


A coincidence that we sat next to each other.I got nervous so you took my hand and held it through the turbulence.We talked about school and friends. Music and family.Shared what our dreams were and also our obstacles.Laughed over jokes that nobody else knew but us.Exchanged secrets and promised we'd keep them.I blinked and the plane had landed. You were tucking away your head phones and laughing about something Isaid.I smiled at you and said "It was nice meeting you".Although I never saw you again, we will always have our trip to Baltimore.

love poems
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Alexa Hirsch

Everybody has a voice. Some are loud, almost deafening and others are so quiet you barely even notice that they're there. All voices should be heard - here's mine - I hope you take the time to hear it. 

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