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Written by J. Montes

By Joshua Montes Published 3 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Snow flakes fall down

Down, softly at my feet.

The feet that carry me across the ground

The ground that supports me.

Steps taken lightly,

But my steps do not take without the support of the ground beneath my feet.

For without the ground my tread would take me nowhere.

For without you, my goals, like my feet, cannot go forward.

Snow flakes fall down.

Down, softly at my feet.

Your lips kiss sweetly

Such as the flakes lay gently on the ground.

And the ground is there to catch in winter and in fall.

A ground so sturdy to catch when flakes fall.

And the light that reflects off the crisp fallen snow

The light that reflects, let’s me know.

It lets me reflect.

Reflect that I have you.

I have you to support me.

Like the ground that carries my feet.

Carries my feet down the street.

Allows me to think and to know

That like the snow,

I have a place to fall.

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About the Creator

Joshua Montes

I started writing a few years ago to curb my emotions. I used to be an angry person that would break things and punch walls. I found writing to be a productive way to deal and express my emotions. Short stories and poems are what I love

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