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By Joshua Montes Published 3 months ago 2 min read
Photo by Julian Magata on Unsplash

A virus

No, a cancer

Cancerous cells bent on death

And it keeps growing.

Growing to overtake the host

Slowly killing the home that’s needed the most.

She fights back.

Back away she says

Control yourselves

You can’t continue at these rates or we’re done.

She sends her antibodies to fight

The storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, and quakes,

When its all finished, what will lie in the wake?

Wake me up!

Some cells have diminished,

But it hasn’t lost speed,

Seeing the signs but too blind to heed.

Heed my warning she says,

This wasn’t the plan,

Be kind to my body and your fellow man.

But you didn’t.

And it might be too late

Cancerous cells growing at alarming rates

It might be too late.

Too late now to reverse our fate.

Its here.

We’re here and we know

That for this cancer to grow

We must keep it fed.

Feed it,

Feed it we said!

We are the cancer growing

Too caught up in our ego to see.

And we feed it

Feed ourselves

And the more we eat from the land

The more we take from our mother’s hand

The more we feed.

We feed.

We feed off the earth

The earth that sparked our birth

And how do we treat it?

Eating and feeding

Growing and breeding



Consume me!

And take me away from this!

This thing you call life

Is void of life, no bliss

We feed

We take without asking

And give no return

We rip the life off the land

Then set it to burn

We feed

And the cancer has grown

Grown faster, stronger than ever known.

The signs were to keep us from destroying our home

We feed

We feed and we feed

Growing faster than weeds

And the more that we take, the more that she bleeds.

This cycle carries on unless we plant the seed

We must nourish the land

And prevent the wasteland

From coming

But the way it looks now

We stand on top of the pile

The pedestal we’re on, goes for miles and miles.

We’re not doomed for end

We can take this life back

Let’s take this world back

And stop the trend.

We feed and we feed

Giving in to our greed

Our grotesque bodies grow

We reapi what we sow

She bleeds and she cries

Slowly our mother dies

The knife in our grip

Blood soaking, it drips

We feed and dies

We laugh and she cries

Mourns for our loss

And here we stand at the top

United we stand

Drumstick clasped in each hand

This cancer has grown

Holding a chisel to the slab

Mother earth has been stabbed

The wounds cut too deep

She no longer weeps

The signs that were shown

Not heeded

Now we carve our gravestone.

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About the Creator

Joshua Montes

I started writing a few years ago to curb my emotions. I used to be an angry person that would break things and punch walls. I found writing to be a productive way to deal and express my emotions. Short stories and poems are what I love

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  • Mariana Madrigal Reyes3 months ago

    That’s so different type of poetry. Reality portrayed in other words... another way of seeing a death. I liked it

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