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Snapshots of my Family

A Journey Through Time

By Geoffrey Philp Published about a year ago 1 min read
One Love

Snapshots of my Family


Under Khruschev’s threats,

I squeeze my mother’s right hand --

the end of the world.


Near the poinsettias

my first kiss, fight, cigarette

at the Christmas fair.


High school entrance test,

Sweat drips on my wooden desk--

the scent of failure.


In high school I learn

our history from masters,

and to hate myself.


At Key West Harbor

I stare past the Royal palms

at my lost homeland.


Running through the rain,

scent of chlorine around me--

a brown-eyed girl waits.


At Costa del Sol

near a lake ringed with lilies

I make a promise.


Atop Mount Sinai

I swaddle our firstborn child

In blue and white sheets.


Maternity ward

the child with my mother’s hair

won't let go my hand.


After nine hard months

a boy with my father’s legs

screams into the world.


The family plot--

my father’s quarrel with God

goes on with the earth..


At the Hoover Dam

the River of Heaven winds

through the painted rocks.


Somewhere in Sanford

my mother’s body is one

with an old live oak.


About the Creator

Geoffrey Philp

I am a Jamaican writer. I write poems (haiku & haibun), stories & essays about climate change, Marcus Garvey, music icons such as Bob Marley, and the craft of writing through personal reflection & societal engagement.

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  • Jay Kantor10 months ago

    GP ~ I'm so glad that I've discovered your work and lovely presentations. *I'm subscribing to you, with pleasure. What caught my eye was this poignant 'Family' Story. My main 'Schtick' to start this hobby of mine was to 'Archive' favorite memories "For the Kids Someday." And, what's 'Groovy' is that my 'Goof-Writing' stories have inspired so many 'Boomers' to write their memories as well; that's a nice feeling. VM really should have a 'Seniors' category! Who better than former note-passers to interact on site. And, yes, as you see talk each others ears off! - Vocal Authors Community - Jay Kantor, Chatsworth, California 'Senior' Vocal Author

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