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Sleepless Nights

Random things that go through my mind

By Plan Execute ProfitPublished 4 months ago 2 min read
Sleepless Nights
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I'll probably never be happy or content with my life.

I also understand I'm far more blessed than many people.

I have no regrets.

Time tells all and there are people who swear I was out to use them.

Emotions blind the weak.

While the strong uses it as a guiding light, as an alchemist transmutes earth into substance.

It may be conceited of me, but they still love me.

On occasion, what people see and what they get aren't the same.

In today's culture, people want instant gratification.

Patience and grit are undervalued.

Having the reputation of being lazy or parasitic.

When in fact they couldn't see the fine details of the bigger picture.

Though no one is perfect. Sometimes I feel bad about situations.

I had to understand the burdens of past pains placed at my feet.

Not mine to tame.

Guess it wasn't my place.

As a King I do my best but quickly learned you'll never please everyone with a single solution.

Females want to Queens until it's time to nuture, show compassion, or help the community.

Men are seen as powerful leaders until they have to prove their bravery in war or help others selflessly.

Although each has the potential

Few have the capacity.

I am relieved to distance myself from people lacking aspirations, motivation, dedication, or even the basic ability to inspire.

I am and will always be the last standing.

In a world, greatness depends only on what I offer.

And to go against this is viewed as feminine.

I employ you to take a step back.

Let the world take your place.

Don't look back because they'll be back.

Only because now they can see the value you bring.

I used to, so I'd rather have an inseparable bond with someone rather than riches.

No force, whether external or internal, can weaken.

Now I understand that these bonds are the only riches.

And I am sure now that it is too late.

You see the same.

For people make time for the things they want then need

Know your role

Know your place

Remember the infinite value you possess.

So you may never settle for less.

And when you cannot remember who and what

Benefits you the greatest

When your enemies think they won

In time, they'll realize their faults.

In time, you'll realize you are the prize.

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  • Anna 4 months ago

    Wow, this was so powerful!!😊

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