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A poem which came from therapy, then became my therapy!

By Sandra Tena ColePublished 4 years ago Updated 2 years ago 2 min read

Several years ago, as part of my therapy, a psychologist asked me who I am… The answer came in the form of a poem, which only made the therapist ask me to be more concise and to not overthink the matter, response that still makes me laugh… Now, I’ve never pretended to be a poet, but even now I believe that this writing answers the question beautifully, especially because the instruction was to not say I’m a writer because that’s my “profession”, or a woman because that’s my “gender”, or that I am “daughter of” someone or that I’m “a dreamer”, or that “I like this or that”… I added all of that and more, because forming these verses allowed me to express that I accept me as I am, and provided me with more healing than many months of therapy. I hope you enjoy it.

Who am I?

After day and days of mulling over this question, these words started flowing uncontrollably last minute. (Monday July 6, 2010).

I am a singing voice,

I am illusion and hope.

I am thought, laughter and fun.

I am my breasts, my face and my hair,

my hips, my arms and my legs.

I’m the sea and I’m the sierra,

I’m the proud stare from the mirror,

I am song, poem and novel,

I am light, I am shadow, and I’m the passing cloud.

I am dawn, twilight, and everything in-between.

I am talent, I am friend and I’m a teacher,

though I don’t yet know what classes I impart.

I’m a bird, a cat, a doe in the serene forest of peace.

I am colour, I am love,

but I’m never, never pain or woe.

I am a girl, a woman, a goddess,

and will be old some day ahead,

but I choose to keep my joy and youth.

I am daughter, sister,

cousin, niece, granddaughter,

maybe future mother of a precious being,

wife (let’s hope) I shall be when I decide it so.

I’m the starry mantle that covers the Earth,

I’m the Moon, I’m Venus, I’m the Sun.

I’m finesse, tenderness and romance,

I’m the wind, the rain, the golden flame and the earth under my feet.

I’m my voice, my dreams and my own reason,

I’m a passionate kiss and the soft caress of my fingertips.

I am gold and I am silver,

I’m a diamond, a ruby and an emerald,

I’m the healing crystal and a thousand polished stones.

I’m a whisper, booming laughter,

a drum, a violin and a guitar.

I’m contradiction, January and August,

I’m health, freedom and understanding,

and I’m also the shining light of my intuition.

No matter how many changes I undergo,

I am always, always, always me.

I am, nothing more and nothing less,

This woman that I always am.

By Sandra Cole ~ Actress, Model, Writer, Incorrigible Optimist


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Sandra Tena Cole

Actress, Model, Writer

Co-producer at His & Hers Theatre Company

Esoteric Practitioner


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  • Daphsam2 months ago

    An outstanding poem. Very nice to meet you!

  • Randy Baker3 months ago

    Strong and raw. Great job!

  • Muniba Sajjadabout a year ago

    You are amazing thanks for introducing yourself

  • Babs Iversonabout a year ago

    Brilliant & beautiful!!!💖💕

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