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Sieged and Seized

Twin poems

By Laurel DreyersPublished 10 months ago 1 min read
Sieged and Seized
Photo by Federico Di Dio photography on Unsplash


None saw when it came

Only knew that it was there

Now fear chokes them

As they wait in their homes

For the bells to ring

And the men to shout.

But they don’t come.

So they wait

And wait

Until they can wait no more.


They wait for his word

In the palace, on its steps.

Their swords grow rusty

But still he does not speak.

The men are restless.

They ache for war.

Yet they wait

And wait

Until they can wait no more.

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About the Creator

Laurel Dreyers

I write Sci-fi, fiction, poetry, and horror. Some of my favorite books are the Lunar Chronicles, Agatha Christie mysteries, and the Sherlock Holmes memoirs.

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