Sick of It All

by Kat Garcia 7 months ago in heartbreak

This isn’t what I signed up for.

Sick of It All

You know I’m fucking sick of all this fighting

Every fucking day it’s a never ending rivalry

I didn’t sign up for the tears I’m crying silently

And now I moved in so I got no mother fucking privacy

You come to bed and you act like nothing happened

I promise you the fighting isn’t something I imagined

You’d think it’d be over, with the way these fights are overlapping

Cuz you seem to forget I’m not the enemy you’re attacking

It’s funny cuz all the promises you keep making don’t matter

It’s like you say one thing and take it back after

What good are your sorries when ur anger hits like daggers

I’m sick of your attitude and you narcissistic patterns

Here I was changing every aspect of my life

Trying to be your perfect future wife

But the pain you give me brings you fucking delight

As you stand behind me with the fucking knife

Kat Garcia
Kat Garcia
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