Watch Me Suffer

by Kat Garcia 9 months ago in sad poetry

Life Full of Pain

Watch Me Suffer

He breathes on my neck.

Hot piercing air,

“It’ll take just a sec.”

I close my eyes.

He finds joy

In my cries.

He’s now got his hand

on my throat.

And I cry as I’ve lost

all control.

His grip only gets tighter.

I fight for air,

As my head starts feeling lighter.

But he’s got this hold on me,

As death slips through my lips.

That’s what he came to see.

“You deserve a life full of pain

Anything less

You won’t maintain.”

He spit the words out in anger

To my limp body

In danger

“You deserve a life full of pain”

sad poetry
Kat Garcia
Kat Garcia
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