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Shot of Whiskey

A Poem

By Mother CombsPublished about a month ago 1 min read

I’m not everyone’s cup of tea

But that is fine with me

I have no one to please

As I write with ease

Creating fantasy lands

Where live Poison Penny and the Weedans

Weaving words of love and hate into one

Disgorging out words until I am entirely done

Jokingly weaving a tale of myself

Or (maybe) creating a post about yourself

These things can only be known

By the one the words own

I may not be everyone’s cup of tea

But that’s alright because I am me

I can be sweet or a bitch and

I don’t care because my husband

Loves me just the way I am

Plus, I have friends; now, scram

I don’t care if you like me

Can you not see?

I have merits you’ve ignored

So, I’m going to get my reward

Even though it’s mighty risky

Because I’m my husband’s shot of whiskey

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Mother Combs

Come near, sit a spell, and listen to tales of old as I sit and rock by my fire. I'll serve you some cocoa and cookies as I tell you of the time long gone by when your Greats-greats once lived.

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  • Shirley Belkabout a month ago

    agree with Dana on this one!

  • Mariann Carrollabout a month ago

    You are my cup of tea. I love you direct honesty

  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    Mic drop! This was so freaking powerful! I loved it!

  • Kalina Bethanyabout a month ago

    The last line needs to be the chorus of a song!! Love this piece Mother 😜

  • Cathy holmesabout a month ago

    Love this one, especially that last line..

  • Jay Kantorabout a month ago

    Dear StepMom — As a ‘Tea’~Tolder you always seem to ‘Disgorge’ onto Me. L’Chaim 🥃 Btw; Does your Hubby know about us? - StepSon, JB -

  • Dana Crandellabout a month ago

    Served up neat and raw, just as a shot of the good stuff should be. Cheers!

  • Paul Stewartabout a month ago

    I love the attitude and flow of this! Good for you, be you for you and screw haters! Loved this poem. Instant click cos it mentioned my favourite liquid poison, lol, but stayed for the wonderful words!

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