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Shopping with the Alien

An Out of This World Experience

By Margaret DraperPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

Welcome my space travelling friend to Earth.

Come, I will show you somewhere fun to be.

See wonders from the planet of my birth.

You can buy, or look at marvels for free.

The aisles are chock full of numerous treats.

We'll head for my favorite, tasty snack.

I love caramel corn, salty and sweet.

Try some. I'll buy it and put it in your pack.

Over here, we have the amusement park.

There are rides that will take your breath away.

If whirlwind speed is your desired lark,

The rollercoaster will surely make your day.

One day isn't enough to see it all,

The marvels that abound in a shopping mall.


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