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Shooting Star, Shoot!

An ode to transient travelers

By Evan LordPublished 6 months ago Updated 6 months ago 1 min read

Shooting star, shoot!

Set your course right

Streak into glory with embers alight

Shooting star, shoot!

Sweet, transient friend

Sages pen sonnets of your cosmic end

Shooting star, shoot!

Shed hope on the weak

Send silent succor to comfort the meek

Swiftly now, swiftly

Spend forth your light

Savor the splendor of painting the night

Songs for the sorrowful

Sands from the glass

Sound shining trumpets to herald your pass

Shooting star, shoot!

Surrender to dawn

Such fitting end to your grand marathon

Shooting star, shoot!

Spectacular dash

Speed to crescendo, surrender to ash

Shooting star, shoot!

Soul’s low refrain

Surely we'll never know your like again

nature poetry

About the Creator

Evan Lord

The only rule of heaven is to follow your heart. The only rule of hell is to follow someone else's. I've written for everyone else during my career. Today, I'm following my heart and writing for people who love to read, laugh and grow.

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