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Shades of Autumn

My Love Letter to Autumn

By Nicole KunefkePublished 7 months ago 1 min read
Shades of Autumn
Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

Season of change, season of my delight

Evening walks down lanes of trees with their turning brown leaves

Pumpkins, squashes, golden fields of corn; a bountiful harvest all adore

The crisp chill in the air, the time for woodland creatures to prepare

Even the sky remains undecided between rain or shine

Mushrooms thrive on decaying stumps, worms emerge from damp earth

Behold rolling woodland hills of red and orange

Embraced by my favorite sweater, the shades of Autumn

Roaming forest trails to gather chestnuts and acorns


Oh how could I forget the season of spooks and treats

Childhood hours of evading monsters through hide and seek

Time steals away the years but not my memories

Of all those days spent waiting for...

Blazing campfires, Mother's frightening stories, messy smores

Enthralling horror movies all month long

Reaching into pumpkins to carve and saw


Now is the season of coming together

Of spending whole afternoons with Mother, baking bread and pies without care

Velcro gloves of mine moving firewood with Father for Winter's rise

Enticing warm scents of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom

Mornings full of holiday cooking and our favorite songs

Burning our favorite candles of spice and wood

Embers in the hearth flared as we laughed with great mirth

Remembering those fond Autumns past, oh how I wish they could last


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About the Creator

Nicole Kunefke

Aspiring Fantasy & Horror Writer. Chaotic Night Owl. Freelancer.

The genres I write in are Poetry, Mental Health, and Immigration via my experience immigrating from the US to The Netherlands.

Find me on FB & Twitter: KismetDragoness

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