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Seven Deadly Sins

by Bethany Tester 2 months ago in heartbreak
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My love for you are my seven deadly sins

Seven Deadly Sins
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I was told by my parents that remaining in such a toxic relationship was a sin. I did not understand what they meant until I compared our love to each of the seven deadly sins.

My love for you is Lust. Not a moment goes by where my mind does not wander to the passionate intimate moments of your love. A desire that is so strong my heart races and longs for you.

My love for you is Gluttony. I could drown myself in your words, your looks, your touch. An overindulgence of everything that you are and that we are together.

My love for you is Greed. Every piece of you is something that I must covet and keep to myself. You may have enough love to share but I crave for it to be all mine.

My love for you is Wrath. The amount of love I feel for you is enraging and destructive. I cannot control my feelings for you even if I tried no matter how bad you may be for me.

My love for you is Envy. If you happen to give a loving gesture to someone else the jealousy creeps over me in such a rush that I react before thinking. I wish you gave me the attention and respect you give to others.

My love for you is Sloth. You distract me from being able to put forth effort into anything but you. I find myself uninterested in anything that doesn't involve your love.

My love for you is Pride. I put you first and foremost in every aspect of my life. You are above all else and your love is all that matters.

My parents said my love for you was a sin. I don't think they knew how right they were.


About the author

Bethany Tester

I am a 27-year-old mother of 5 with a passion for writing in both fiction and non-fiction. I hope to further develop my skills to possibly make writing into something I can do as a career. Thanks for checking out my content.

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  • Cally Trandell2 months ago

    This was beautiful

  • Emily Dickerson2 months ago

    Awesome poem and great honesty. :)

  • Love your honesty 👏 great writing style too 🌻

  • David Parham2 months ago

    Great work. This poem would make a great movie. Keep writing, creating.

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