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Serenity in Slumber

Finding Peace in Sleep

By Shwet Prabha BaiswarPublished about a month ago 1 min read
Serenity in Slumber
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In the silence of night, when stars softly gleam,

I find solace in slumber, a tranquil dream.

No matter the trials that the day may have brought,

In the comfort of sleep, my worries are naught.

As I sink into sheets, soft and serene,

My troubles dissolve, like mist in a dream.

Wrapped in warmth, in a cozy embrace,

I drift into realms of tranquil grace.

The world fades away, as my eyelids close tight,

In the gentle embrace of the night.

I surrender to sleep, to its sweet embrace,

And find refuge in its blissful grace.

No matter what storms may rage outside,

In the haven of dreams, I safely reside.

For sleep is the balm, for the weary soul,

A sanctuary where worries lose control.

So let the day fade, let the night unfold,

In the arms of sleep, my spirit is consoled.

For in the realm of dreams, I find my peace,

And in the soft embrace of slumber, find release.

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