Send Me Anywhere, Just Not There

From someone who is hiding from their calling

Send Me Anywhere, Just Not There

"Send me where you need me,where I can grow," I say,yet still I stay.I don't go.My ears are closed.

Even when I open them,my mind says no.You show me and call mebut, though I hear,I don't listen.

I run away like Jonah,though I know it's wrong.The signs say turn around,but I feel I'm too far gone.My mind denies itwhen I see your eyes,and my heart is hiddenunder my doubtsand trialsand painand fears.

"I'll go anywhere!"I call."Lead me!"I cry as I make my own eyes blind.

You call me to that one place,the one I know,where my family is,but I am stubborn.Grant me graceand I will find the peaceI need to follow your patheventuallyand whole heartedly.

You seem to be calling.Pry open my headfor your message.Keep showing me whereand someday soon,I'll find my way.

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Danni Greer

I'm from Virginia as a genderfluid person. I write poems, stories, and personal essays trying to deal with stuff I face every day. If you like what you read, please consider supporting me on Patreon

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