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by LenrocTheDirector 8 months ago in sad poetry

Spoken word, for outspoken vibes


We Selfishly don’t love ourselves enough...

We endure traumas we don’t have to,

Stay or cling to someone we don’t need to,

to only satisfy someone else ego sure enough..

.... I’ll stroke your ego only for you to let me go

chilling arguments shiver down my spine as the wind blows, while I smoke this facial....

We Selfishly don’t love ourselves enough....

Because we put up with being hurt & find excuses to stay lay’n in someone else’s dirt.

Screaming and looking at me like I’m the reason for your hurt. So I stay to fix you as I begin to lose me

You take notice of me pouring myself into you and you take until I’m drained completely.

We Selfishly don’t love ourselves enough.....

Because I thought it was okay to put you before me

I was living in a false reality

When I chose me over you,

You got mad that I finally figured out what to do...

To love me more than I love you 🌹

Self love


sad poetry


I am the soul of this body✨, I am a content creator, I write my thoughts out in the form of poetry, a film director that will forever change the game ...

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