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A poem about finding

By Sarahmarie Specht-BirdPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Photo by Beth Macdonald on Unsplash

The best way to find something

is not to go looking for it.

Sure, keep your eyes peeled

watch as the wind picks up the leaves

beneath the sycamore, the elm

for there might be shy mycelium down there

that decides to poke through the soil

But don’t you dare expect it

The mushrooms will hear you

and hide their faces

retreat from the April sunshine

make themselves invisible

If you are unsuspecting,

if you enter the woods without want,

say to the trees, I take nothing

you do not desire to give,

then they may consider you worthy.

They may decide to show

their fruiting bodies, golden chitin

emerging from winter

cheekily offering themselves

to your unseeking spirit.

nature poetrysurreal poetry

About the Creator

Sarahmarie Specht-Bird

A writer, teacher, traveler, and long-distance hiker in pursuit of a life that blends them all. Read trail dispatches and adventure stories at my website.

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