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Scraped Knees

by Stephanie Keesee 5 years ago in heartbreak
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A Poem from a Child's Perspective

Love me daddy

Love me please

Love me daddy

Today I scraped my knees

The neighborhood boys

They chased me

After I fell down

They did what they pleased

I was locked out

I couldn’t get in

You threw us out

Said your patience ran thin

But it was the glass pipe

Not the anger within

It was hard rock

Clear as crystal

You were climbin

Daddy come down

We are still here on earth

Daddy come back

Show me what I'm worth

Put the bottle down

You promised to love us first

Daddy come back

Don't give into your thirst

Daddy I am hungry

I ate dog food today

Daddy I got trapped

When I went down to play

The neighbor in the basement

Seemed so nice and sweet

Daddy it hurt way worse

Than scraping my knees

He stuffed a sock in my mouth

So I wouldn’t scream

As I clawed at the bed

My mind started to bleed

All my innocence out

While it made up a dream

About a place I am loved

Where there are no scraped knees

I was only 4 the doctors noticed issues

Did your girlfriend tell you she hurt us

After she was done crying in those tissues

Come back daddy it's dark

It is so scary at night.

Come back daddy please

I am tired of the fight

My little mind is hollowed out

Daddy save me. Come soon.

I drift further away

It is like I’m watching the room

I hide further in the darkness

That has become my mind

Daddy please give me hope

At least show me someone is kind

I hear you coming

My heart leaps in my chest.

Daddy no put me down

I promise I tried my best

Please daddy stop the belt hurts my skin

I don’t understand please daddy

Don't you know I am just a kid

Daddy please you are my prince

My hero, my king

The last part of me dies

As I block out my own screams

I am dangling in the air

How could you do this to me

My mind breaks right in half

Darkness is all I see.

Love me daddy

Daddy love me

Your little girl

Your princess

My prince turned demon

His name is ruthless

Come down daddy please

Put down the belt

I know that was love

That you and I felt

Remember when it was us

As we giggled and played

Remember it was us

When you came to my first play.

I ran up to you and you hugged me

With my performance you were pleased

And this is where I go

Every time I scrape my knees


About the author

Stephanie Keesee

I write poetry, short stories in the genres of children's fiction, adult sci-fi/fantasy and horror. On occasion I may write cultural commentaries, inspirational articles, how to articles and fashion related articles.

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