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by Stephanie Keesee 5 years ago in social commentary
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A poem about addiction and how it plays a role in Domestic Violence.

WARNING: Contains reference to material that may be disturbing to those struggling with substance abuse or recovering victims or domestic violence. Read with caution. This poem is intended to express a possible factor in Domestic Violence and how those emotions may express themselves in a survivor.DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction any references to people, places or events that may exist are unintentional 

Was it worth it love?

Those crystals you found

Was it worth it my love?

When you hid the note you found

Was it worth it my love?

When you watched my life collapse

Did it bring you joy

Did it make you laugh?

Why my love?

What did I do?

Was I just too weak?

Too weak for you?

Why me

What is it?

That makes you so crazy

I will fix it I promise

Just help this make sense

I listen

You yell

You ride the fence

I beg you

I plead

Don’t do this again

I thrash and cry

As you climb into my head

You wreck the fragile scenery

I wish I was dead

Oh if I could run away

From this pain as I wept

I cried out to you and begged you to stop

You continued to destroy me

Without even a thought

Was it worth it my love?

Your pursuit of snow

Did you want a frozen heart?

Please let me know

What I did to deserve this

Don’t put on this show

Let people observe this

So I can finally show

The insanity I lived with

While loving you

Ill be gone from now on

Maybe your crystals will pull you though

social commentary

About the author

Stephanie Keesee

I write poetry, short stories in the genres of children's fiction, adult sci-fi/fantasy and horror. On occasion I may write cultural commentaries, inspirational articles, how to articles and fashion related articles.

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