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by Dwan L Hearn 7 months ago in art

A Poem

I’m not a poet. I am not poetic, but I know how to tell you 2 plus 2 is square and it makes sense.

(four sides)

I don’t write poetry. I do, however, speak with a noisy silence that your mind can hear clearly.

(strong vibes)

I may not be a writer, but when I call my pen and paper to hang out, they seem to enjoy each other’s company.

(good times)

I am not dead. I’m breathing, but I have been in this box, with this cat, for so long that even I can’t tell; even while playing poker with my soul.

(dead inside)


Dwan L Hearn

I'm just a regular guy that loves his pen almost as much as his family! Seriously, I'm a short story writer that loves music and horror movies.

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