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All The Beauty of a Rainbow

by Dwan L Hearn about a year ago in art
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a Poem

All The Beauty of a Rainbow
Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

I once read that the best way to find peace in one’s life is to arrange your life in its own order. It’s best to not yell. Low should be one’s tone – draws in serenity. Surround yourself with nature; green grass and blue skies. Joy isn’t found in “the go”. Joy is found in “the stop” - slow down. Someone’s love is something you should never vie or let be used as a weapon. Love should only be a given, like a gift, with all the beauty of a rainbow.


About the author

Dwan L Hearn

I'm just a regular guy that loves his pen almost as much as his family! Seriously, I'm a short story writer that loves music and horror movies.

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