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I’m thinking of you, September Blue

By Valentine VampirePublished 3 months ago 3 min read

I’m thinking of you, September blue..

Beauty and death make a trade

For a moment of eternal youth,

Young love

But adulthood pounds at the door and overflows around me

Celtic sea collecting under carpet.

Walls textured with veins, Bleeding blue

During our era nobody could grab us by the reigns.

After dusk,

We come out to play

Telephone wire whistling in the wind

Poking us to come feel the electricity

Asking us “do you wanna know what it means to feel?”

Like a child, You play with fire until the heat flame burns you from the outside in.

But you don’t care, anything to get you to believe you’re real

Anything to get you to feel

You say “I’m a fool for you”

Electric shock burns me too.


I guess I’m just as much of a fool as you.

Vapors fill the air and ask questions

Coursing in and out of her hair.

Those nights at 109 made me question everything

Wondering if we’ll make it out of this town

Wondering if we will love each other the way we do now

Wondering, Would you give up heaven so we could be together?

I never wanted to weigh you down

Holding on to your gravitational pull like the moon does to the tides.

Wrapping my roots around your golden glow

So I wouldn’t be alone

Held in the vision of someone I never wanted to be.

Yet it was forming itself into the mold.

Me and the cold keep eachother company.

Soulmates to the underworld

Inhale your perfume, my favorite sleeping pill

Wake up in our sanctuary

The shadow of you in my sheets and in the snow

Take another dose and I’m lying with my eyes plucked out by crows

The pretty dream never lasts long.

And neither did you.

Those nights at 109 told me, “hold my breath” and “wait for death”.

Grab my wrists and paint the walls in my garnet shade.

Turn this sea crimson.

Crystal lanterns cover kept secrets we said we would take to the grave

All those promises we swore

To those nights at 109

Both would tell us lies

And time would cut our ties

It’s me to blame.

For never giving us a try. For making those emerald eyes cry

It’s me to blame

For casting you back out to the sea. For your beauty was simply too much for me

It’s me to blame

For not being true to myself. When will I stop making a fool out of you?

Maybe in another time

Another life

Where we could be together

we could be free

But I’m bound by my chains

And I’ve thrown the key into a black hole

But I dream of you often

I see you in sapphire silk

Your sunset orange hair flowing down the contours of your figure

Posed next to my 1960 cherry Chevy impala

Where we ride

You and I

You were the candy coated breeze of September

And I was the snow that fell in January winter

I regret the time when I should have kissed her

Cigarette rings stained dirty duvets

Rose and nightshade

Blooming before dawn can break

2 Belles playing with stakes.

Gnashing wood against our delicate pale skin. How much of ourselves are we willing to kill?

Because you can’t kill a soul that’s already been sold.

Sold to those nights at 109

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Valentine Vampire

A collection of poetry and short stories :3

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