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Scared of Losing Your Love

Love's Battle Against Fear

By Sorrowful WhisperPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

Scared of Losing Your Love - A Poem

I'm scared of losing your love,

Like a ship lost in the stormy sea,

Waves crashing, winds howling,

Fear gripping my heart, consuming me.

I cherish every moment with you,

Your love is my guiding light,

But the thought of losing you,

Fills my world with endless night.

Your love is my safe haven,

A place where I find peace,

Without it, I'd be lost, adrift,

Yearning for a love that will never cease.

I'll hold onto you with all I have,

Never letting go, never giving in,

For with you, my love, I've found my home,

And losing you would be my greatest sin.

So let's stand strong against the tide,

Facing fears with love by our side,

For I'm scared of losing your love,

But I'll fight for us, with hope and pride.

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Sorrowful Whisper

Just willing to Die

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  • Muhammad Sharjeel2 months ago

    I also have fight for my love but I still lost😞

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