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Santa’s Lap

My life in review.

By J. S. WadePublished 7 months ago Updated 7 months ago 2 min read
Top Story - December 2023

Deck the halls with joy and laughter

Santa arbitrates a serious matter.

Yuletide cheer comes every year.

On St Nicks lap, all wishes he hears.


"What is your name sweet little boy?

Share with me your list of toys?

Have you been naughty, good, or bad?

Are your parents happy or sad?"

"My name’s “got.” S. C. O. T. “got.”

my brothers all act, very bad,

They call me names, like snotty Scott,

make mommy cry, my dad's very mad."


Yuletide cheer comes every year.

On St Nick's lap, all wishes he hears.


"What’s your name, you handsome young slick?

You still believe in Ole Saint Nick?

Let me check your list, maybe twice.

A car, a game? Have you been nice?"

"My name’s Scott, I won’t be dismissed.

Give me what I want, I must insist.

My happiness reigns beyond all else,

Don’t bring a car that sits on a shelf."


Yuletide cheer comes every year.

On St Nicks lap, all wishes he hears.


"What is your name Mr. Businessman?

A wee bit Old, for my old knee?

Ah heck, go ahead, let me see,

A baby? A boy? oh my, geez."

"Mr. Santa, please, to you Mr. Wade.

I’ve earned the right, and won’t be swayed.

I confess, my career is blessed,

A child for Christmas is my quest."


Yuletide cheer comes every year.

On St Nicks lap, all wishes he hears.


courtesy Allouise Gehrke

"What is your name grumpy old man?

Haven’t I given, all your demands?

Toys, a car, a sweet precious boy.

Your heart seems heavy, still no joy?"

"I’m all alone, my boy is dead.

Possessions are gone, I live in dread.

I’ve missed the point, your gifts were free,

Great blessings were bestowed on me."

"Today, I ask, for nothing from you,

The past, my life, now in review.

How can I help around the world?

Would you please, make me your elf?

I’ve taken too much, it’s time to give,

by helping, sharing, I will live."


Yuletide cheer comes every year.

On St Nick's lap, your wishes he’ll hear.

From cradle to now, I have changed.

Giving my best, life rearranged.


HO HO, Merry Christmas to all.

Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa too.

Joy and Peace for all in the world

This my holiday wish for you.


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About the Creator

J. S. Wade

Since reading Tolkien in Middle school, I have been fascinated with creating, reading, and hearing art through story’s and music. I am a perpetual student of writing and life.

J. S. Wade owns all work contained here.

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Comments (27)

  • Gina C.7 months ago

    What a wonderful piece, Scott! I was defiitely hit with all the feels. 🥹 Your words, paired with the photos, brough this to life so much. ❤️

  • Tiffany Gordon 7 months ago

    gorgeous work Scott! BRAVO!!

  • Judey Kalchik 7 months ago

    Your writing is always honest and true This one, though, reveals the YOU Holidays are hard, the wounds are tender Your grief, when thus shared Reveals the true heart’s Mender.

  • This was grand. Well done

  • Cindy Calder7 months ago

    Congratulations on the Top Story! I enjoyed your wonderfully lyrical composition that embodies the essence of human nature and the holiday season.

  • Donna Fox (HKB)7 months ago

    Wow Scott, I was vibing so hard with this and then that little twist caught me for a second... Still love it but wasn't ready to catch the feels in that kind of way! This was masterfully done, congrats on Top Story. 💚

  • Daphsam7 months ago

    What a wonderful poem. I just love the language and imagery. 

  • Kenny Penn7 months ago

    Terrific bit of poetry here! Loved the character arc, congrats on a well deserved top story

  • Real Poetic7 months ago

    Congratulations & Happy Holidays!

  • I'm back to say congratulations on your Top Story!

  • Fantastic! This is among your best, sir!

  • JBaz7 months ago

    Back to say congratulations

  • Lamar Wiggins7 months ago

    This was very unique, Scott! I love the arrangement. Happy Holidyas to you as well! 🍻

  • Caroline Jane7 months ago

    A really authentic and poignant piece. 🥰

  • Dana Crandell7 months ago

    There it is! Congratulations, Scott!

  • Cathy holmes7 months ago

    There ya go. Congrats on the TS.

  • JBaz7 months ago

    A sad truth and process of life. Some never find the true meaning until it S to late. Well written.

  • This was so poignant and emotional but so beautifully written. Sending you lots of love and hugs ❤️

  • Blessed Holidays to you, Scott.

  • Wow. This is amazing Scott.

  • Dana Crandell7 months ago

    A hard story to read, but an important message. Merry Christmas, Scott!

  • Mark Gagnon7 months ago

    Unfortunately, this tracks so true to life for so many. Well written and profound!

  • This is absolutely inspiring. Beautiful work Scott. Blessings to you!!!

  • Babs Iverson7 months ago

    Brilliant & beautiful!!! Loved it!!!💕❤️❤️

J. S. WadeWritten by J. S. Wade

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