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Rules by men

Did we follow them all?

By Sanchit BainsPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Rules by men
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Men made rules for the society, abided by all,

Every man and woman followed those rules.

Today’s men and women question those rules.

To what extent we follow the past,

To what extent we learn from the past,

To what extent we keep living in the present looking at the past?

Men made the rules, and we all followed!

Men made the rules to be followed by men,

Those same men believed in God,

But they made rules for all. Even God!

Believe it or not, they made God!

Hurts, doesn’t it? Think again!

They made God!

Men made rules for all!!

Men made rules for men,

Men made rules for women,

Men made rules for children.

Men were questioned by men, women and children.

We all questioned the rules!

We all broke the rules!

Hear me men!!

You are no God. We even killed God!


Who are you, men?

Nothing but mere men, who made some rules!

Hear me men!!

You come and go, you live and die,

You make and follow rules,

But stronger men broke the rules, stronger than you!

Hear me men!!

Stronger women broke the rule, stronger than you!!

Hear me men!!

We are stronger than you,

We make our own rules!!

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My inspiration as always- Friedrich Nietzsche (this particular work inspired by Thus Spoke Zarathustra)

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Sanchit Bains

Hi!! Welcome to my profile!!

Glad to see you here! Writing here is more than a hobby for me. I am writing my thoughts which I have pondered a lot, alone. Now, I am sharing them with the world.

My website: https://sanchitbains.carrd.co/

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