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Rolling Thunder

by CaT. D 4 years ago in sad poetry
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To Survive Without My Beloved Brother

Stormy oceans take me away

Rough, wild, and salty

I thought I could sway

Choking on the water, I’m beginning to drown

No life jackets, no life boat

HELP! The waters starting to crown!

My anchor detached unexpectedly

Gone and Broken

I cried overwhelmingly

I departed from you, I’m shattered

Left to fend for myself

I’m battered

Thrashing waters coming down

Sobs are calming

But still... a frown

Light peeking in from way up high

Wiping my last tear in shock and in awe

Jesu’ I see you in the sky!

When times are tough, do not give up

Keep hope alive, though sometimes it feels like it may have died

(A memory to always have faith no matter what, just like my brother taught me...R.I.P. Jesus )

sad poetry

About the author

CaT. D

I am just a peculiar Cat that is in love with the art of writing. Thanks for your time and support in my work!

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