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Scales of Dynamics

by CaT. D 4 years ago in childrens poetry
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Auditory Imagery

Peter, Patter, Teeter, Tatter

Raining water thrashing down

“Hello!” yells the greeter

Pete, the repeater

Piano crescendoing to fortissimo

Clicking, Pricking, and ticking

Up stands the Italian

Yelling “Bravissimo!”

Splish, Splash

Water clash

Echoes of seagulls filling the air

Snorkels and fins

Screaming Kids

Mothers lash, making quite a thrash

Hip hop, bebop...all strands of sound

A baby's cry, a tired sigh, a poet’s rhyme

A mother holding her child singing a lullaby

The gratefulness of ear drums

The loud and silence

It forever rings like a quiet hum being sung

childrens poetry

About the author

CaT. D

I am just a peculiar Cat that is in love with the art of writing. Thanks for your time and support in my work!

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