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By Jmjulius15 JayPublished 5 months ago 1 min read

I write lot of words on the page

I feel like a rockstar preforming on center stage When I’m at my computer there is no doubt

I always find something to write about

My ideas don’t go far

My keyboard is my guitar

I love all my fans

When they see my book

They get the sudden need to read And they feed on every word

The words I write are so awesome The words I write are so hot

Jules Vern can feel the burn

I’m a great writer

I’m like Shakespeare with canes and wheelchair My writing is organized

All my ducks are in a row

Like Edger Allen Poe

I write in a scary flow

When I go on tour

I pack the bookstore

There is nothing greater Than being a rockstar writer I jump in the mosh pit Every book I write is a hit

The poetry I write is great

In my poetry book

All the rhymes

Make me number one on The New Times

The words I write are so cool

The words I write are so sick

The words I write are full of germs For all the bookworms

I’m a Rockstar writer In my stories

All my characters Are in my band

I’m the greatest writer In all the land

I love writing

Writing was my first crush

Being a rockstar writer is such a rush

performance poetry

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Jmjulius15 Jay

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