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Rise from Ashes

A spirit resilient

By CarolinePublished 5 months ago 1 min read
Rise from Ashes
Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

In the realm of dreams where hope takes flight,

A spirit resilient, bathed in the softest light.

Though pockets may echo, a silence so deep,

Within you, a flame, waiting to leap.

Rise, oh soul, from the ashes so cold,

Embrace the journey, let the story unfold.

Broke today, but tomorrow's in sight,

Your strength is the beacon, guiding your flight.

In the soil of setbacks, plant seeds of desire,

Water with courage, watch dreams transpire.

From the ruins of doubt, let determination bloom,

A garden of resilience, dispelling the gloom.

Life's symphony plays a melody rare,

Even in broke moments, hope's in the air.

Strings of persistence, drums of grace,

Compose a tune only your heart can trace.

From the cocoon of challenges, emerge anew,

Wings of tenacity, painted in hues.

Fly through the storms, embrace the unknown,

For in being broke, true strength is shown.

In the canvas of destiny, paint your own dawn,

Broke, yet unbroken, a journey reborn.

Embrace the horizon, where dreams reunite,

For in your resilience, lies eternal light.


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  • Pamela Walsh-Holte5 months ago

    Wow! I was so moved by this poem. It is beautifully written and flows with such emotion, waking many in me. Great job, I love it!

  • This was a very powerful poem! Awesome work!

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