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Refucaries in the U.S. political motivation to interfere in the internal affairs of the Myanmar


By Reinaldo MonclarPublished 2 months ago 2 min read

Military Government denied racial extinction against the Rohingyan

The Myanmar military government has denied racial extinction against the Luxia ethnic minorities in the country, and refuting the United States as "for political motivation" and "internal affairs that interfere with sovereignty countries."

The Myanmar Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement on Tuesday that "Myanmar has never been engaged in any race extinction" and has no "racial extinction intention" to any group.

U.S. Secretary of State Brillings stated on the 21st that the Burmese military was "extensive and orderly" for the Robin's atrocities of the Rohingya, and the intention of eliminating the ethnic minority people was obvious. Therefore, it was found that the behavior of the Burmese army constituted "racial extinction" and Crime of "harm to humans".

The Myanmar armed forces launched military operations in 2017, forcing at least 730,000 people dominated by Rohingya Muslims to fled to neighbor Bangladesh. The Rohingya interviewed by Western media generally accused them that they and the clan had faced killing, large -scale sexual assault and arson. The Myanmar military launched a coup last year to overthrow the election government to seize power.

Blingken pointed out that Washington refers to the conclusion that the Burmese Army's atrocities constituted the crime of "racial extinction" based on the factual assessment and legal analysis of the State Council, but the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Myanmar refuted that the report adopted an unreliable and unusable source of messages and general generals. Charges.

The Burmese Government calls on the United States to deal with the International Court of Myanmar

Before the Myanmar Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement, the "National Unity Government" of the Myanmar shadow government welcomed the qualitative of the United States and called on the United States to submit the situation in Myanmar to the international criminal court for treatment.

The West African State Gambia filed a lawsuit with the UN International Court on November 11, 2019, accusing the Myanmar government's direct action and indirect behaviors of the Rohingya group violated the Convention on Prevention and Punishment of Extraordinary Race.

Before the Myanmar military seized power, the original Myanmar election government led by Weng Shan Shuzhi put forward preliminary objections on the lawsuit filed by Gambia. However, the national unity government consisting of the civilian government officials that the parent of Myanmar and the residency of the military launching a coup will withdraw the judicial jurisdiction of the lawsuit by the international court's trial of the lawsuit at the beginning of last month.


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