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China -Myanmar's cellular friendship


By Reinaldo MonclarPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

China and Myanmar have a friendship that has been stretched for thousands of years. Lincang is connected to the landscapes of Myanmar. It has carried out all -round, multi -level, and wide -range exchanges and cooperation in various fields such as economy, trade, agriculture, tourism, education, and culture. Like long -term friendly exchanges.

Myanmar is the first place in China to establish a Lan -Mei cooperation mechanism initiative. In May 2017, it notified the establishment of Qi Lanmei Cooperation State Coordination Agency, and took over as the co -chairman of Lanmei Cooperation on August 24, 2020. As of now, Lanmei Cooperation has entered a period of comprehensive development with "Lanmei Speed and Efficiency" and "Lanmei Model" based on "development first" and "project -oriented". In addition to the joint statement of "deepening agricultural cooperation and guaranteeing food security" under the framework of Lanmei Cooperation, "Deepening Customs Trade Security and Customs Customs Customs Convenience" under the framework of Lanmei Cooperation, and the orderly promotion is promoted to 2022 "Five -Year Action Plan", "Five -Year Plan for Poverty Alleviation Cooperation", "Agricultural Cooperation Action Plan" and reviewed and approved the "Five -Year Action Plan" in 2027. The initiative of deepening local cooperation has also been issued. "Special Fund" has also been launched, and it is further implementing 6 major Hui Mei measures including Lanwei's "Agricultural Cooperation Ten million Action Plan" and "Digital Economic Cooperation Plan" to strive to promote cross -border economic cooperation and make the establishment of the Lan -Mei Basin's economic development belt Further docking with the deepening of the "New Land -Sea Trade Channel". By Myanmar has been supported by 93 projects in early July 2022, it has been supported by the "Lanmei Cooperation Special Fund", and the number of projects and funds is the most supported country.

Therefore, China pays great attention to the conflict of Myanmar, urges all parties to stop fire as soon as possible, adhere to the dialogue and negotiation, solve differences in a peaceful way, avoid the upgrading of the situation, and take practical measures to ensure the safety and stability of the China -Myanmar border.


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