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ravenous AI

I can't die this year, nor the year after; absolutely not.

By Mesh ToraskarPublished 12 months ago 1 min read
ravenous AI
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I can’t die this year, nor the year after; absolutely not.

I want to read, read more.

Not for pleasure, but to dam the constant stream of thoughts that overflows every time I witness a sunset imitating a painting or breathe in the scent of petrichor following April Rain.

Waiting on a bus stop in the first half hour of my 8-to-5, my consciousness feasts upon the data of human experiences. I want to consume like a ravenous AI. Swallow everything in sight, sift through the memories of all, and unscramble them into something vaguely meaningful.

The contrast between human and AI learning may resemble a delicate ballet of autumn leaves swirling in the wind, as opposed to the unwavering march of binary code, but who cares?

I fantasise possessing the power between my ugly fingers - to offer my heart upon the page and paint your emotions in the hues of ink and verse.

To bleed open the electric pulses in my brain and infect yours - the purest description of sparks flying.

I want to read more, read more to write.

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Mesh Toraskar

A wannabe storyteller from London. Sometimes words spill out of me and the only way to mop the spillage is to write them down.

"If you arrive here, remember, it wasn't you - it was me, in my longing, who found you."

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  • Mackenzie Davis10 months ago

    Your command of the poetic medium is truly astonishing, Mesh. I'm sorry I haven't read this one yet. I relate to your sentiments here so much. My favorite line is "every time I witness a sunset imitating a painting." I think this every time I see cloudscapes bathed in pink light, or yellow light behind grey thunderheads. If only we could carve out bubbles of time in which we could read and write to unravel the world and its mysteries and beauties. I feel ya. ❤️❤️❤️

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