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Rain on the moon of Mars

by Karla Andrea about a month ago in love poems
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it was raining with love

Rain on the moon of Mars
Photo by Osman Rana on Unsplash

Rain on the moon of Mars

``Infernal rain,

and we loved each other in the attics.

Through the window sky, oval,

the clouds were flowing in the month of Mars.

The walls of the room were

restless, under chalk drawings.

Our souls were dancing

unseen in a concrete world.

It's going to rain on your wings, you said.

It's raining globes all over the world.

It's okay, I was telling you, Lorela,

It's raining my feathers.

And I was getting up. And I didn't know where I was

I had left the room in the world.

You were calling me back: answer me, answer me,

who are more beautiful: people? ... rain? ...

It was raining hell, it was raining like crazy,

and we loved each other in the attics.

I wouldn't want it to end

never — that month of Mars.``

-Nichita Stanescu

love poems

About the author

Karla Andrea

I like to write poems when I'm sad.

I'm shy when it comes to my writing.

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