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by Karla Andrea 2 months ago in love poems
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young people

Photo by Loc Dang on Unsplash

Kissing, ah, kissing, kissing

young people on the streets, in bistros, on railings,

they kiss each other as if they were themselves

they would be just endings

of the kiss.

Kissing, ah, kissing in the car running,

in subway stations, in cinemas,

on the bus, he kisses desperately,

with violence, as if

at the end of the kiss, at the end of the kiss, after the kiss

only outlawed old age would follow

and death.

Kissing, ah, kissing thin young people

and in love, so thin as if

would ignore the existence of bread in the world.

So in love, as if, as if

it would ignore the very existence of the world.

He kisses, ah, he kisses as if

in the dark, in the safest darkness,

as if no one saw them, as if

the sun would rise



after the mouths were broken by kissing and bleeding

she wouldn't be able to kiss anymore

than with teeth.


love poems

About the author

Karla Andrea

I like to write poems when I'm sad.

I'm shy when it comes to my writing.

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