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Radiant of Love

Illuminating Affection

By Yoga PhratamPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

How can I help you see the world in a different light?

I long to stand by your side, true and unwavering.

Is that me you see at this moment?

A beacon is always present to help you be free.

I long to watch your smile.

A bright jewel amid life's waterfall,

Blossom and be freely shown.

As dawn and evening embrace softly,

I hope the twilight lingers, giving us time apart.

As time moves forward, let its twilight shade expand.

creating a portrait of us, hand in hand.

Our moments lengthened like a symphony's gentle ring.

Weaving our story through time as we sing

May the sunset linger, painting the sky with gold.

As our bond blossoms and its story is told,

In this fleeting dance of light and weather,

Let us find comfort, always entwined together

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Yoga Phratam

Welcome to my Vocal-Media. Through my collection of soul-stirring poetry, immerse yourself in the rhythm of words and the melody of emotions. Join me on this poetic voyage where each line tells a story and elicits emotions.

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  • Hab3 months ago


  • Naveed 3 months ago

    . Well Written My Dear......

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