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Questions I'd like to ask my ex.

Will I ever get answers to these questions? She's moved on and I'm left here, still asking myself these questions

By Suzan ChaukePublished 2 months ago 1 min read

In the depths of night, beneath the moon's soft gleam,

Questions dance within my mind, a silent stream.

I ponder things unsaid, moments left unturned,

In the pages of our past, what lessons did we learn?

What secrets hid behind your distant gaze,

In the labyrinth of love, where lost hopes blaze?

Did you feel the echoes of my silent plea,

Or were you lost within your own reverie?

Did you taste the bitterness of our goodbyes,

Or did you find solace under different skies?

Were my whispers lost amidst the noise of time,

Or do they linger in the corners of your mind?

What dreams did you bury in the sands of regret,

As we parted ways, our destinies unset?

Did you ever wonder what could have been,

Or did you swiftly move on, leaving behind our scene?

But amidst these questions, one truth remains clear,

Our paths diverged, the end drawing near.

Yet in the quiet moments, when memories rise,

I'm left with questions, beneath these starlit skies.

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