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.: A Limmerick :.

By Deirdre St. CroixPublished about a year ago 1 min read
The absurdities of language

”Pun Intended”

[A Limmerick]

If ‘mouse’ is to “mice,” and ‘louse’ is to “lice,”

How come houses aren’t “hice,” and spouses aren’t “spice?”

A golden nugget for fools—

Grammar always breaks its rules

Wait, does this mean we all have to go back to school TWICE??

~ by Deirdre St. Croix

surreal poetry

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Deirdre St. Croix

I want to : get lost in a world of books in the middle of a glorious rain; burrow deep in my rabbit hole where nothing else exists but my reveries; drown in an ocean of euphoric oblivion; and float amongst clouds in reckless abandon....

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    Deirdre St. CroixWritten by Deirdre St. Croix

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