A reminder of just how far we've come and how far we still have to go


At first we fought to survive

It took us millennia to thrive

Then we began to fight each other

Many families lost a mother, a brother

The fighting wouldn’t stop, for resources for lands

The blood continued to soak our earth, it covered our hands

Then there was one who proclaimed himself a king

And we had even more to fight for, oh what a wonderful thing

The monarchs told us who is right and who is wrong

Their ideology, religion, power and armies grew strong

Within their kingdoms they did as they pleased

Until whispers of revolution, the common man teased

There was no justification for the king and his acts

We are not born equal, we know of these facts

However to lead without achievement, explain that to me

A need for a change of system, this everyone could see

And so the common man, brave and with all his soul

Screamed revolution and proudly stepped into his role

Those brave men and women who fought for our rights

Often had little else than the barrel of a gun in their sights

There was much bloodshed and much despair

Believe me the revolutionists were plagued by fear

But they continued until their demands were met

Many of them did not see the morning or another sunset

And so we changed our system to a democratic one

Now everything that needed fighting for was all but done

But wait, weren’t we still using people as slaves

Treacherous legislation's that only the devilish man craves

And so we attempted to give those a voice that weren’t allowed to speak

All that was needed was a legislative tweak

But what about our profits the owners screamed

Slavery would never come to an end, or so it seemed

But the British Empire would have one man in particular take a stand

William Wilberforce was a man with ideals, he was oh so grand

And so slavery got abolished after an argument or two

In the US this came after a Civil War, that’s how humans do

Then thereafter came the fight for women to vote

Some men believed they shouldn’t, "here honey go buy a coat"

But again slowly but surely the ladies revolution was sounded

Mainly when the International Woman Suffrage Alliance in Berlin would be founded

At the same time inventions began making our lives easy and fun

And yet we still ruled through fear and by the law of the gun

German Karl Benz designed a car so we could go fast

The American Wright Brothers took to the skies, so many inventions would last

We even looked at the theory of relatively thanks to Einstein the Jew

But didn’t you know at the time that was a massive taboo

Hitler said, he and his kind are to blame

More lives would be lost another horrendous shame

Then the United States and Soviets began a Cold War

Two powerful economic ideologies that no one could ignore

You were either to the left or to the right

Thank goodness our world didn't end because of a nuclear fight

And while our world continues with wars and financial control

We live in a far easier time, this is true as a whole

But don't think for one second that all is fine

There are still too many people among us crossing the line

Whether it's the fight for equality, the environment or an animals' right

Some still judge others when their skin pigmentation is not light

So while we continue to make things better and progress

There are still so many issues that we have to address

social commentary
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