A poem about an uneasy topic


Come here baby sit on my lap

Why are you so angry about what I said, you deserve a little slap

Why don’t you relax when I touch you sexy, it’s all ok

Just do as I please and there’s nothing more to say

You shouldn’t wear that girl because I can’t control how I feel

Do you want me now, why not baby, It’s no big deal

Let’s go to my place where we can have some fun

Why are you struggling baby, no need to run

Damn you’re gorgeous, come on give me a kiss

Oh, I know one night with you, would be such perfect bliss

Why did you bite me you whore, I just wanted to make out

Why are you like this, we shared a connection, there is no doubt

Don’t make me angry, otherwise you know what I’ll do

Damn it girl, you bit me, now there’s blood on my shoe

I’ve had enough, it’s time for a lesson that needs to be taught

Don’t even think about going to the police or testifying in court

Come here you nasty thing, let me remove your clothes

You better get on your knees, no need to oppose

Should I hit you again or do you see what it’s like

Don’t fight what is happening, don’t be such a dyke

Now that I’m done with you, I hope you'll remember me for a long time to come

I’m sure I’ll corrupt your thoughts and haunt your dreams, long after we’re done

I’ll leave you to it then and go, I'll leave you alone

No, no, no, girl, don’t call anyone on that phone

His footsteps vanish into silence as she lifts herself from the ground

Another victim of toxic masculinity, no one to help her, not even a sound

After all, boys will be boys, that’s what we have been taught

And of course, the belief that we’ll never get caught

Now more than ever is the time for men to stand up for what is right

No more excuses, these words are the first call to fight

Fight for your little boys to become respectful men

Teach them to never cross the line, over and over again

So it is a sad story, which should move you and make you think

Case after case, pushes our mothers, daughters, girlfriends and wives to the brink

There’s a reason why men tend to speak about their crazy ex

Because a lady’s ex could be their last, there is no next

social commentary
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