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by KK245 11 months ago in performance poetry
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Photo by Paweł Furman on Unsplash

Behold the bewitching beauty of her eyes,

A mirror reflecting unheard hidden cries

Of a soul so parched for the torrent of love

That long forsaken her for eternity

Behold the vibrant sway of her lithesome form,

That hath the heart swollen in an impending storm

Graceful movements in a casual stroll

That awakens the dead out of unearthly abode

Behold her sensual response to an accidental glance,

That puts the rockiest of hearts into soulful dance

The vivacious audacity of her careful touch

Bringing a lifeless soul back on song

Behold the artistic ripples of her dark tresses,

Bouncing in abandon on her back it brushes

Magnanimous in flow like the Niagara Falls

Causing a million hearts to skip a beat

Behold her love-seeking eyes doe-like

Sending signals of love to her Prince-in waiting,

To lift her out of the remorse-filled past

And gallop away into the world of love- long awaiting !

performance poetry

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