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Tell me what pretty is.

Go on, tell me.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind?

It’s a girl.

She’s tall; she has long hair, pretty feminine.

Okay… but tell me

What. Is. Pretty?

Everyone says that pretty is what you make it

Pretty is what everyone has

I disagree

I disagree because everyone is NOT pretty

Everyone is. PERIOD.

We all have our own style but

We are not better than the other

We are human

This is life, not a competition

And because we live this way, we are always searching for recognition

But we are fake

Pretty is fake

The only thing that should be pretty to us is our planet

But we dress up and use all these materials to help us, make us look “pretty”

But we forget

We are just making the world ugly

Why ugly?

Because, physically it destroys the planet

All the garbage piled up because we want to be “pretty”

We see clothes, hairspray cans, bottles and other sorts of things

Instead of the green and blue, we see brown

Brown as far as the eye can see


Because of us

Socially, it’s ugly

Society tells us to do one thing and then another then we get caught in between.

Society is a hypocrite

Because of all this time figuring out how and why to be pretty

I quit

I quit because it tears us apart as a community

And every day, every freakin’ day, is a pageant of dolls

Posters and ads of “pretty” women and men in all the malls

Now, I’m not hatin’

I speak what I think is true

And all I want to do is tell you

That yes, pretty is okay

But why all the fuss?

Take that pretty to not only apply to yourselves but to the rest of the world around you

‘cuz I say that we are only as pretty as the world

And you know what the world looks like

social commentary
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