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By Chuck EtheridgePublished 12 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Renè Müller on Unsplash

Occasional evenings apart

Having the couch to yourself

Cooking foods you like

But she doesn’t

Meatloaf or fideo

Watching the stupid action show

She doesn’t care for

Cranking Yes while cooking

Although it defies imagination

She doesn’t like

Early Seventies prog rock

Spend some time in the wood shop

Don’t do the dishes

A temporary illusion

Of being unincumbered

Of living for yourself

Of a freedom you don’t really want

You even get the whole bed to yourself

Which sucks

Go to bed, alone,

You wind up sleeping

On your side anyway

Fluff her pillow

Place it where she sleeps

Pressing against you

Hard to get to sleep

Not because she’s not in bed

But because she’s not there

Waken at two am

Reach for her

Get a lumpy pillow instead

Thank God

She gets back


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About the Creator

Chuck Etheridge

Novelist, Teacher, Transplanted West Texan, Reluctant Poet

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  • R. J. Rani12 months ago

    Aww, how sweet. I love how gracefully you’ve captured that sense of freedom and a hinhing longing of a life partner’s trip away.

  • Kendall Defoe 12 months ago

    I like this...and may I ask an important question: which Yes album? ;)

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