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Popsicle Toes

Wheel smooth

By Barbara Steinhauser Published 13 days ago 1 min read
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She pushed too hard, too fast, and splat

You lay shivering in drifted snow

A quad immobilized in the quad

Boots flailing

Right cheek red and raw

Bent wrist raised as in surrender.

But you would never give up.

You left Augsburg’s frozen chosen

(Michael Franks had already

Consumed your lemon frosted brownies)

Transferred to Berkeley where

July 27 became CeCe Weeks Day.

Still, I remember most the

Blizzard of expletives

You Mobilized.


About the Creator

Barbara Steinhauser

MFA Writing for Children and Young Adults

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  • Naveed10 days ago

    Fantastic!!! Love it!!!💕❤️❤️

  • I really liked how this had so many layers to it. Loved your poem!

  • Mr Ahsan13 days ago

    Fantastic poem to read. Your hardworking means a lot. I really appreciate your work

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