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Popping champagne like champs

by Robert mackenna 7 months ago in art

A tale of the rounds I been

Popping champagne like champs
Photo by Tristan Gassert on Unsplash

Popping champagne like a champ, Floyd Mayweather ain't been through the fights I have,bitch you wanna hear my hearts beat ,then leave ,that cacophony of my lack of love ,caused me to abuse all that she was.I dont regret being such scum ,in the bottom of the barrel lies darkness that transmuted to character ,you think Oya doesnt know I'm not scared of her ? Popping champagne like champs Myke Tyson would of killed himself had he been through half what I have ,I'm running running running with the love of the world ,I'm smoking smoking smoking to show off my soul ,think ya got what it takes to know me in full ,I look like a monster girl ,you should step away to the sunny days ,I need a substance that knows the ways ,so I watch the smoke fly effortlessly, the epitome of everything is all I strive to be ,popping champagne like champs ,Ali and me took so many hits ,persecuted for greatness, behold the flesh, I sacrificed some in a mess,popping champagne like a champ and George Forman wouldnt be grilling in these steps ,but I am


Robert mackenna

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