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Lethal Dose - #5

By House September Published 5 months ago 1 min read
Pop Girlies
Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

The bender from the previous nights,

left the villa in a slumber.

Yet, the Spanish tile vibrates. The kettle steams tranquility into the kitchen.

They both emerge from the vapors.


They glide into trendy leggings,

and together they contort their bodies into their religious downward dog.

Their spines inhale and exhale.

Together, they waltz into the boulevard boutiques.


They charge it onto glass.

They strut with their accentuated waist.

Wide pants legs which are adorned with migrant tears.

Their ruby necklaces reflect off a prominent red glare, which halts the oncoming traffic.


The moonlight calls them into the city,

and with their hands pressed against the alleyway walls, they are led to Downtown.

They dance on top of parked cars,

and wink at passing by men.


They return home to a full table.

They gather themselves, and with a shot of ginger root, they detoxify themselves,

and the vibrations within their heads

Soothes them to rest.



Thank you for taking the time to experience this piece of poetry. 'Lethal Dose' is a larger narrative, a story that delves deep into the complexities of the human experience. Stay tuned for more glimpses into this captivating tale, where every word is a thread weaving the fabric of an unforgettable journey. #LethalDose #StayTuned

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House September

We’ll play with each other’s broken hearts. Let us exchange our pieces like trading cards.

I’m too bored to notice, and you are too high to notice the air beneath your feet.

I have poems to share.

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    House September Written by House September

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