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by Maria Maung about a year ago in performance poetry
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A snapshot of identity.

I look younger than the years of my body and the lifetimes of my soul.

I have a heart that is wild, but my love is solemnly loyal.

The lightness of my surface smile does not reflect weight or depth of my awareness.

My laughter is a melody only played for those who know how to dance with wit.

Sharing my thoughts and speaking my mind are two very different modes of transport, based on how close I feel we are.

I tend to carefully turn the pages of people’s stories and read between the lines for hidden treasure.

Everyone is an artwork in the gallery of life and I’m always looking for the artist’s plaque to elaborate on what I see in front of me.

Maybe it’s because I know how it feels to be a polaroid snapshot shaken up in haste and observed before it’s ever fully developed.

This is why I understand that the best and my most favourite things: love, whisky, dreams and wine, all require precious time.

performance poetry

About the author

Maria Maung

A Sydney based creative.

Working as a stylist and editor.

Personal expressions through painting, writing, food and fashion.

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